Singing With Your Kids or Grandkids Has Many Social and Developmental Benefits

"On Top of Spaghetti" | Unrehearsed song with 4 of our grandkids. 
Adding songs to our channel is always fun when we include our grandkids (some or all of them!). The positive benefits of singing with your children/grandchildren are: it helps develop mathematical and spatial skills, as well as musical, literacy, rhyming, and prediction skills. It has been proven that singing with family -  makes a good connection,  lightens one's heart, makes one happy, and shares valuable social lessons with kids (like paying attention, doing your part, etc.) This song has fun lyrics, is fun to sing, and in general puts a smile on our faces. The light-hearted lesson here is also - try not to sneeze when you have meatballs on your spaghetti!! HAHAHA!! 


On top of spaghetti 
All covered with cheese 
I lost my poor meatball 
When somebody sneezed. 

It rolled off the table 
And onto the floor 
And then my poor meatball 
Rolled out of the door. 

It rolled in the garden 
And under a bush 
And then my poor meatball 
was nothing but mush. 

The mush was as tasty 
As tasty could be 
And early next summer, 
It grew into a tree. 

The tree was all covered 
With beautiful moss 
It had lots of meatballs 
And tomato sauce. 

So if you eat spaghetti 
All covered with cheese 
Hold onto your meatball 
And Don't Ever Sneeze!!!!!