NEW Buffalo and Brandy Web Site

Feb. 10, 2017

Over the 2016 Christmas holidays, one of our worse nightmares happened!   Our Buffalo and Brandy web site was HACKED!  We went to the site on January 3, 2017 to find our original information had been replaced with Chinese symbols.  Upon contacting our domain host at the time (Deluxe Host), we realized that there were not certain precautions in place that we expected (like dependable firewalls).  This meant that we had two choices: 1. Reconstruct our site with the same host hoping that the hack would not happen again, OR 2. Find another domain host. 
We chose to find another domain host. 
Fortunately, we were able to transfer all the domain information from our old host to our new host – Bandzoogle.  The transfer went relatively smoothly and only took a few days to confirm.  We were instantly pleased with the variety of templates offered through Bandzoogle for developing our new site.  Content creation and editing was so much better and user friendly. 
In the end, even though we were devastated when we realized the hack, it actually enabled us to create an even better site with a modern look for our followers.  
We invite you to visit our site at and let us know what you think!!