The Sock Monster - for National Library Week - April 8-14, 2018

Buffalo and Brandy are celebrating National Library Week, April 8-14, 2018, by reminding you about our self-penned children’s song and book, The Sock Monster!  The story is about four adventurous children who are trying to figure out what happens to their matching socks once they are put in the washing machine.  Our whimsical book follows the antics of the Sock Monster as the children try to unravel the mystery of their missing socks.  In our live shows, kids enjoy pretending they are the 'Sock Monster' by 'roaring' when he/she roars.  Children love debating whether our 'Sock Monster' is a boy or a girl - many looking at the 'pink' bandana as a telltale clothing item.  Kids are also encouraged to create their own version of the 'Sock Monster Dance'.  We invite you to listen to our song.


We have found that our Sock Monster Book has provided parents and caregivers the opportunity to explore whether ‘monsters’ are real or not and how to allay children’s fears.  The book can be purchased from our web site, from Barnes and Noble and from Amazon.

For more 'Sock Monster' fun activities, we invite you to visit our Pinterest Board

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