"Very engaging - audience participation is a nice touch!" ”

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As entertainers, Buffalo and Brandy constantly evolve and change their shows.  Little did they know how a simple conversation with one audience member at the Herkimer County Fair in NYS would add a different dimension to their focus and direction!  That person observed Buffalo and Brandy's interactions with children through the songs they were performing on stage – and made the simple statement – “You two would be GREAT in schools”. 

Buffalo summed it up when he said: "Up until that point, we had been performing Top 40 and Country music in our shows.  But, THAT simple statement made us STOP in our tracks!!" 

After assessing what they would actually DO in a school program, they knew the program had to be FUN and ENGAGING to draw kids in. They also wanted the program to have educational value – and felt that should be almost a subliminal, secondary goal.  After considerable brainstorming, the program started coming together -  a series of songs were assembled,  interaction was laced throughout, and Buffalo and Brandy launched their new school assembly program. 

It was an instant HIT!  Teachers were amazed that kids were getting the subtle messages of self-esteem, kindness, and respect (without EVER using those words in the program!)  As Brandy said, "This success led us to create our READING program and tailor it using the same concepts of FUN and ENGAGEMENT, laced with SUBTLE EDUCATIONAL VALUE.   To our delight, libraries were thrilled with this program!"

AS often happens in this business, funding for programs can dry up due to changing budgets.  Such was the case for school assemblies. 

Buffalo and Brandy did not despair – Alexander Graham Bell’s quote came to mind – ‘When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens.” 

A new thought emerged – why not venture into TV – and create our OWN children’s TV show?  Well – they did just that! They built their own TV stage/set, wrote original lyrics and songs, created music and animation, were trained as TV camera operators and editors, and – VOILA – the BUFFALO AND BRANDY’S PLACE TV show was launched!! After gaining popularity with kids and families on cable access, the show was picked up by satellite and then aired nationwide.  Their total focus was to continue conveying subtle messages in a fun, engaging way, and their viewership really began to grow!! 

UNTIL………the company distributing Buffalo and Brandy's TV shows went bankrupt……..so that ended that! 

OK – so - yet again, the determination to not let this new ‘bump in the road’ stop them kicked in! 

Buffalo and Brandy pursued training in ‘Drumming for Health and Wellness”, and in “Arts Integration” – each one becoming trained facilitators in both fields.   Their approach to kids never wavered – whether being placed in tough, inner-city schools or with special needs children – they try and reach each child through FUN, ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE ways – visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically. 

For more than 40 years, we have brought our programs to schools and public performances - using interactive music and magic.  To this day, we are so fortunate to continue to create and present wholesome, family entertainment - whether we are at a LIBRARY, FAIR, FESTIVAL, SCHOOL, or PRESCHOOL!   

OUR MISSION is to continue providing interactive arts learning experiences through our live performances.  Our shows contain subtle messages about character building and values.  We believe that kids must develop a sense of self-worth and imagination that advances throughout childhood and enhances their academics while assisting them in building a better life for their future. 

We invite you to join us on this mission.  We welcome all input and suggestions.  We feel that together, we can help children build a better and happy life, while at the same time  interacting and having fun.  


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