$3.00 includes downloadable  lyrics, chords, mp3 and instrumental track for “Recycling” by Ken & Mary-Ann Ferree, credentialed early childhood Trainers and singers/songwriters.

We created this video with Earth Day in mind. We tried to make it colorful and exciting for kids (ages PreSchool to Elementary) to want to listen again and again, while it also encourages EVERYONE to help keep Mother Earth clean. 


Earth Day provides a framework for encouraging recycling.  We think that everyday should be considered ‘Earth Day’ as the more we recycle continuously, the more Mother Earth remains its’ beautiful self.  We thought about some things that can be done every day and came up a few ideas: 

-encourage an artist – there are artists who create from recycled materials – one thing we have done is to have kids use cardboard paper towel tubes to make rain sticks 

-Know what you can and can’t recycle – every city has its’ own specific guidelines 

-Buy recycled -  packaging materials, paper, plastic, etc. 

Each of us can do our own part – and it takes all of us working together to save our planet.