Buffalo and Brandy are sharing a 'Universe of Stories' through music, magic, singing, and audience participation at libraries this summer in  their high energy, fun-filled, reading show! Join us. 

Our 2019 summer reading program " It's Showtime at Your Library/A Universe of Stories" includes high energy interactive music (we bring musical instruments with us to share with audience members), along with magic,  and an emphasis on reading.   All songs contain positive, uplifting lyrics - such as our self-penned song entitled -  "I Like Being Me".   Our music, magic, and songs are interwoven with storytelling segments that encourage audience members to participate in our show.  At the end of our show, Buffalo mentions that he learned many of the magic illusions he performs on stage by reading books from the library. "Magically", he produces the dewey decimal number where those magic books can be found in the library, and children are encouraged to take these books out, practice the magic tricks, and create their own stories with their friends.  

Our family show brings smiles to the faces of children of all ages - and is engaging for ages 0 to 100.  


"It's Showtime at Your Library" - and Buffalo and Brandy are bringing a 'Universe of Stories' to libraries this summer with their high energy, interactive, music/magic/singing/storytelling show! Come and join us!!

We are currently scheduling our 2019 summer reading program "It's Showtime at Your Library/A Universe of Stories".        

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Science of Sound 


Buffalo and Brandy’s “Science of Sound” performance combines a live, electronic, and acoustic musical performance with student participation and interaction.  In addition to including important Character Education content (respect, responsibility, and caring) in this performance, it also aligns with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) protocol .  Our live performance adds the Arts to this acronym (STEAM).  Imagine music being played on our banana piano – which explains circuits and how they work - or our Theremini (the oldest electronic instrument that one never touches to play) - which demonstrates radio waves and how they are used to control electronic instruments.  Our performance combines our art forms of music, magic, and singing - thus bringing the concept of the “Science of Sound” alive for students in this fun, engaging performance.

Great for schools and/or libraries!



Materials Needed:
-Makey Makey (Coding)
-8 bananas
-iPad, HDMI cable, Connector (to TV/Smart Board)
-pictures to color (banana piano)
-Kindle – “Robots, Robots, Everywhere” (in computer) 

Students will learn:
-The concept of programming
-The concept of instructions
-The concept of sequencing
-The basic features of the Scratch Jr interface 

Students will be able to:
-Give specific instructions
-Sequence instructions to achieve simple objectives 

READ – Robots, Robots, Everywhere
Computer Says Game
Instructor – Program from one location to another (Optional activity)
SCRATCH JR demonstration
Electrical circuit – how it works
Banana piano demonstration 
Use class for circuit demonstration 

Students will be able to:
-code an animated character in a computer
-assemble and complete an electric circuit 

2 pictures to color & kids to keep: 
-banana piano 

A printable Buffalo and Brandy concert poster

A printable Buffalo and Brandy concert poster