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Buffalo and Brandy, Inc.

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Kenneth C. Ferree

President/Vice President


Mary-Ann Ferree



Jacqui Berger

Board Member


Susan Forbes

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Buffalo and Brandy, Inc. 

 Buffalo and Brandy, Inc.(’s) mission statement is: ‘to provide quality, arts integrated programs adapted for multiple intelligences and for diverse populations that enhance critical thinking, self-esteem, self-worth, a love for the arts and creativity.' 


Ken and Mary-Ann Ferree (Buffalo and Brandy) are multi-instrumentalists and songwriters whose focus has always been on helping others through music and song. Together, they started their musical career in NYS as a duo and later found their greatest success in performances and songwriting for children and families. Always encouraging others to ‘follow your dream’ and ‘be the best you can be’, Ken and Mary-Ann created their own non-profit corporation, Buffalo and Brandy, Inc., which has successfully enabled them to apply for and receive grants aligning with their charismatic music and wholesome, family-value messages.

Ken has been a percussionist since his teens, later adhering to his love of electronic music by being a pioneer using an Amiga computer on stage for performances in the 80’s. Ken received a BA in ‘Arts in Education’ - including a concentration for children with special needs, and later received his Master’s Degree in ‘Education Media Design and Technology.’ Mary-Ann started taking piano lessons at age 4, continued with music throughout her teens, graduating from college with a BA in vocal performance, and has developed an affinity for stringed instruments including the ukulele, strumstick, and mandolin. She, too, has a Master’s Certificate in ‘Education Media Design and Technology.’

Early on in the 80’s, the duo performed country and top-40 music along-side entertainers including Alabama, Charlie Daniels, and Darius Rucker. Their introduction to performing for children came about after a simple conversation with one audience member at a county fair in NYS. That person observed Ken and Mary-Ann’s interaction with children through the songs they were performing on stage and made the simple statement “you two would be GREAT working with children.”

Into the 90’s and continuing into the millennium, Ken and Mary-Ann have created and presented Award winning, uplifting, wholesome live performances for children and families that spread the importance of ‘respecting others’, ‘being responsible’, and ‘caring.’ The music they create is intended to inspire children to have confidence in themselves and show kindness toward others.

Ken and Mary-Ann’s music has evolved throughout their career, and their love for enriching children’s lives has remained steadfast.

Currently, the duo is further developing new techniques for adding to their on-stage presence using electronic music. They envision a bright future ahead for continuing to engage all ages!






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